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M.A. Brown


The Songs That Beckon
A Travelers Novel


Their grief binds them
The Song calls them
The Darkness wants to claim them

As winter wraps Areth in its frozen embrace, nightmarish beasts descend upon the Hastings household kidnapping Mr. and Mrs. Hastings and leaving behind their daughter, Bianca, as sole witness. In the wake of their abduction her quiet world is turned upside down and shaken revealing the secrets and lies her parents have buried.

As truths unravel it binds her to those who have similarly lost. Together they must wade through the thorny tangles of growing love and grief to find those that they hold dear before the looming threat of darkness is unleashed to destroy them all.

Travel worlds in this dark, dreamy and romantic debut filled with dusty books and pining looks.

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A Travelers Novella

Release date to be announced

More info coming soon!


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About the Author

M.A. Brown is a stay-at-homeschooling mom living in Colorado with her husband and four kids. She loves to write fantasy with plenty of slowburn romance, dreamy worlds, and a whole lot of magic. When she's not creating, she enjoys hiking, camping, and gardening with her family.


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